Stretches For Sciatica

Sciatica is a medical disorder that occurs when the sciatica nerve is compressed or damaged. Sciatica nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It controls the lower muscles of the body like knee muscles and leg muscles. It is present in the spinal area and thus extends to the rear sides of each leg.  The pain varies in intensity from person to person and so it is responsible to cause many other disorders like slip disc, pelvic injury, tumors, spinal stenosis etc. However many stretches for sciatica have come into picture that help in providing relief from these problems.

In Sciatica, the body muscles become extremely tight and rigid and hence give a lot of pain when they are forcefully moved. These Stretches For Sciatica provide immense relief and hence provide stimulation and flexibility to the affected muscles.  They help in decreasing the onset of painful cramps and thus help in getting a permanent relief.

Stretches for Sciatica

Various types of stretches for sciatica are incorporated in day to day routine. Low back stretches for sciatica are one of the simple types that reduce extreme discomfort in the lower back and enable better and proper blood circulation. In this, the patient will need to lie on the stomach towards the floor with hands on the back. Following this, the head and shoulders will need to be raised from the floor level in a relaxed manner. This needs to be repeated 5- 10 times on a daily basis. Another kind is stretches of your thighs which alleviate and help to prevent pain in the legs during physical exercise like running or walking.  Another solution is toe- touch Stretches For Sciatica. This requires standing on the feet and then slowly bending forward to touch the floor surface or toes with the hands. The body then needs to be stretched back to the starting position in a comfortable way. It is ok if initially the knees bend a little. Initially, you would only have to do these stretches two to three times a week, then improve with regularity this routine as you develop the flexibility and strength. Bridges sciatica stretches are a very simple way to increase your abdomen and spine muscles. It can be executed by lying on the back and then lifting the hips by contracting the posterior muscles.

Three Exercises For Sciatica And Pinched Nerve

Another option is piriformis stretches for sciatica which is apt for sciatica nerve/ muscle dysfunction in the buttocks and hips. The easy type includes sitting cross- legged either on a chair or a bench. It can be performed both at work and home. This involves sitting straight on a flat surface and placing one leg in the front. The ankle of the other leg needs to be held in the hands and pulled towards the chest. Hold the ankle for about half a minute and repeat it for about a couple of times. These two piriformis stretches for sciatica offer instant relief from acute pain and can be practiced every day for a better impact.